Tasty Tuesday: Macadons Edition!

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Instead of a Tasty Thursday recipe, I am doing a Tasty Tuesday where I review an amazing local yummy! I have posted about Macadon on my Instagram and on my personal in the past and today I am giving you my thoughts on their Valentine's pack you can get through Smith Brothers Farms- our local milk delivery service for those of you who are not local to the Seattle area

Let me give you a little background on Macadons. Macadons has been around in essence since 2014. Donna, the creator and co-owner, embraces her Asian heritage by infusing unique flavors, such as Taro, Durian, Lychee, Green Tea, and other non-traditional flavors, into traditional macarons. Doing this is what has created such a uniqueness with these amazing macarons. All fresh ingredients are used (as much as possible) which means when you taste those fruit flavors- you are actually getting those fruits! They have grown into the blooming small business that has their flagship store in Whitecenter and can now print on their macarons to make them extra special! To read more on Macadons story, click here or if you order Smith Bros, just wait for your delivery and read their feature in SKIM (the monthly little magazine)!

Here is their feature in SKIM!

Now to the main focus- how they tasted and looked! I always love the box that these macarons come in as it seems so elegant compared to the clear plastic that other places use. I also feel like these macarons are bigger as they have so much filling! This special edition pack consisted of six flavors that were an ombre from deep red to pink to white. The flavors are Red Velvet, Raspberry, Pink Champagne, Strawberry, Lychee, and Coconut.

I actually surprised my daughter with the pack to have a mommy & daughter tea time, so when I give my review of each, I am going to include what my 6 year old thought!

Red Velvet: I'm picky on red velvet and actually don't usually enjoy it but enjoyed this cookie. Because Macadons cookies are more cake like, it was like eating a bite of red velvet cake! Lucie said this was one of her two favorites in the whole pack.

Raspberry: So tart and yummy and you can tell they use real and fresh red raspberries. Lucie did not like this one (she isn't a huge berry kid) which I was pleased about because I got to finish her share of the cookie!

Pink Champagne: I was super curious about this as I am hosting a Galentine's Day brunch this weekend and if I enjoyed it, I planned on ordering some for the party. These were delicious! Usually champagne items aren't my thing as they end up having too much of the after sip bitterness that comes with champagne but these were deliciously yummy! You definitely felt like you were taking a sip of pink champagne. Lucie adored this one as well!

Strawberry: Eating this macaron was like eating fresh strawberry ice cream! It is one of my favorite flavors from Macadons. Lucie doesn't like this one (again, she doesn't like berries) so I got to enjoy it all to myself! I would say if you are ordering online or going to the storefront in Whitecenter that this is a must have flavor!

Lychee: I can honestly say I don't think I have ever tried lychee before! That is the great thing about Macadons- they have amazing flavors you won't see at other stores! Sweet and fresh, I really enjoyed this flavor and so did Lucie!

Coconut: Here I am thinking that my kid won't like this flavor- she asked me if I could finish mine before I had even had a bite! Coconut is so hit or miss and this one was clearly a HIT! There is even shredded coconut in the filling which just adds an extra umph! Macadons filling is usually really creamy- this one was even extra from what I am guessing was coconut milk being used!

This set was delicious and I will definitely be ordering another set for next week as my son came home and saw the box and was upset he didn't get any (whoops...). This set is sure to make any Valentine you have very happy- as will any of the other amazing flavors that you can order directly through Macadons! I am sure you will see more amazing macarons next week when I write up about our Galentine's Day event happening this weekend!

A very happy 6 year old!

If you have tried macarons from Macadons, what flavor was your favorite?

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