The Savvi Switch

When my old company closed their doors on us unexpectedly and another company put out a hand, I was nervous. I’ve been burned by two companies over the past year so the idea of putting faith in a new one was tough.

I am so thankful for all of you who encouraged me to lean into it! I had been nervous and apprehensive and I grow warmer and more in love with the opportunity every day!

I want to take some time to share why I am loving Savvi so much!

  • How amazingly supportive corporate is. I have never ever been with a company where their people at corporate are training us 3+ times a week. It's not just business training, it is mindset training as well.

  • I get to shop at a discount 😂

  • The comp plan. I won't lie, I got a pay bump when we moved over and there are also cash bonuses along the way.

  • They supply us with a ton of marketing photos and help as to lessen the burden on us

  • They truly make clothes for every one and every different body size.

  • The tech! The fact that all you have to do is download the app and sign up as my customer through my link makes shopping SO EASY.

  • The community. Everyone is so supportive and wants everyone to succeed. Most DS's I have been with, even though we are a team, we are still competition. That is not the vibe or atmosphere AT ALL in this company. I am so freaking thankful for the team I get to be a part of because they have kept me from completely spiraling as of late.

  • So many join and kit options to fit every budget

  • I'm watching women who have struggled in mlm's reach their goals with ease

  • I have found a sense of purpose in loving my body again. I'm not just trying to look nice to share, I'm looking nice while I'm just chilling and I get to share my raw self more and more.

If any of these things speak to you, even just peak your curiosity slightly, I would love if you joined our daily call where you can ask questions about Savvi and talk to top team leaders and get a feel from others besides just me. I would love to have you as a Classy Savvi Bish!

Drop a comment or send me a message and I will get you call info!

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