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The Stages of Being a Classy Bish

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

It has come to my attention that are stages to being a Classy Bish member/shopper and I am here to break them down to you per what customers have told me:

Step 1: You learn about the boutique, be it from an event, a friends post, finding my page, a blog post, wherever, and you join the shopping group on Facebook. You lurk and browse for a bit but don't really comment or anything else.

Step 2: You make your first purchase. You find something you can't live without and just have to order it. Your order arrives (if it was in stock very fast or if it was part of a run, within a few weeks but totally worth the wait) and you love it. You end up making more purchases as you stick around. You hop on to my live videos and interact and become one of the top contributors in the group.

Step 3: You start talking with me, not just about your items about other things. You genuinely enjoy chatting with me, as I do with you, and we become friends on Facebook. We end up bonding over other things due to being able to see each other's personal pages.

Step 4: I have officially sucked you in to my friendship trap. Your Facebook always notifies you of my posts; I am now the first thing you see in my feed. You want to hang out. We Marco Polo. I'm in your top 5. You can't help it, I have pulled you in with cuss word mugs and my realness of motherhood.

Now this is just according to what others have said as of late. I was also just called a cult leader by one member tonight... and while that should feel like a bad thing, it doesn't. The Classy Bishes has a nice ring to it...

Are you a Classy Bish? Did I miss any steps or areas? Let me know so I can properly warn, I mean, INFORM future bishes!

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