To my Classy Bishes~

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I first want to say I love you all so much and am more appreciative of you than you will ever know.

I have decided to close a portion of Classy Bish Boutique. I will no longer be carrying mugs or self care items or hair ties or anything else. Basically, anything I carry on hand will be no more. I WILL be continuing my journey with Agnes & Dora and with Park Lane and I am so excited for that! 

There are many reasons for this change but they boil down to three main reasons:

1. I am not allowed to be running a business like I am out of my home according to my lease.

2. I am in the final year of my degree.

3. I miss empowering women in business.

Running this sort of business can be truly exhausting and take up a lot of time. With me about to start the final year of my degree, I took a look at everything on my plate and made the truly hard decision to close that portion of the boutique. I love all the things you have helped me find and curate in one collective spot, and I plan on doing something to continue that in the group because I love it so much. 

As to number 3, while I have started Boss Bish 101, my focus hasn't been on it and I would like to invest more time in it. I love empowering women and promise to continue to empower you all in the ways I can- clothing, jewelry, providing a space you can be you- but my heart is also calling to get back to empowering women in their businesses as well. I want to work with women one on one, in a group setting, and also grow a team in the businesses I am working as it is one of the most fulfilling things I have experienced in my 8 years in business.

I know this seems like a big change. No more mugs or hair ties or such! Don't worry though. The environment, the people, the self love focus, and I are not going anywhere. The group won't be going anywhere! It is still all the amazing main components in just a new way!

We are running mugs for the final time and we will have one final Bish Box and potentially a final run of bath bombs. I have some amazing steals for you all this weekend and will be sending an email out in the next few days about it all! If there is anything you are wanting, NOW is the time to grab it because I won't be restocking or ordering extras of ANYTHING.

I love you all so much. This year has had so much happen and I am looking forward to ending it in an amazing way as we retire some things and welcome in new things! 

Love your faces, love yourself, and remember, there is nothing wrong with being a classy bish,


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