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Try It Out Tuesday: Magnetic Lashes

LASHES. One of those things that are being majorly missed in this Quarantine it feels like. As someone who doesn't get her lashes done, I even found myself saying 'I wish I could get a lash lift right now' because my lashes are STICK STRAIGHT. Doing our makeup and changing up our looks is a fun way to keep entertained in Quarantine, and as someone who doesn't believe in touching her hair (because I know my hair dresser friends will MURDER ME), I am stuck in playing makeup and trying new things on my face.

I cannot get lashes on. I've tried and tried and it is just not something I can seem to learn- the gluing and placing and waiting- it's just not me!

Magnetic lashes have always intrigued me but scared me a bit. Magnets by my EYES?! Sounds so scary! After watching my friends group for a while, I decided to jump in. All it is is putting on liquid liner and then placing them how you like. I can surely do that... right?

RIGHT. These were SO EASY to apply!! They make me feel so put together, so sassy, they were the perfect investment in this time to help me feel like more than a mom drowning in duties! The ones I am wearing here are Tori Belle Wonderlash that I purchased with Lynze of Life with Lynze! There are so many different lash styles for different occasions and preferences! Check out her group or go to to shop all the amazing options!

I hope you do something to help yourself feel beautiful in this weird time!

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