Under The Boardwalk: Latest Coffee Order

July was insane with the amount of Java Momma releases that happened! We literally had a new coffee set or mystery box releasing EVERY THURSDAY! Many of you jumped in with me ordering every week and some of you were waiting for my reviews!

First up is the Under The Boardwalk pack! Funnel Cake, Huckleberry Salt Water Taffy, Chocolate Covered Bananas, and Cherry Mash Fudge. Here is the description for each.

Chocolate Covered Banana

Chocolate Covered Bananas in a cup.  Let’s turn the banana stand into a gourmet coffee shop. 

Huckleberry Salt Water Taffy

Tart and sweet Huckleberries wrapped around a creamy vanilla center.  Classic Salt Water Taffy meets Java Momma.  We left the waxed paper wrapper in the box.

Funnel Cake

Fried dough and cinnamon sugar as a coffee. The end.

Cherry Mash Fudge

Part chocolate fudge flavor, part cherry heaven.  One of our favorites any time of year.   

Let's be real- I ordered strictly for the Funnel cake and the Salt Water taffy. One thing I love about our Java Momma packs is it leaves me with bags of coffee to give as gifts for people or maybe if one of you wanted a particular flavor, I can easily order it to keep what I want and sell you the individual bag.

The package smelled AMAZING and each bag of coffee smells really good. I was quick to make the Funnel Cake as cold brew and I probably drank my huge glass of it just as fast. It is AMAZING. With some sweet cream coffee creamer it was like I was drinking down my favorite late summer treat.

I haven't tried the other flavors yet but Michelle, one of our cold brew bish fiends, has tried it and says the huckleberry is very subtle and it is slightly sweet, and most importantly smells amazing! Michelle doesn't like sweet so the fact she likes this is a good sign to me!

I do have one half pound of the chocolate covered banana available for anyone looking to add some summer fun to their morning cup!

If you are looking to get the whole collection, head to my Java Momma site and get your set ordered with free shipping now for just $49.99 for a half pound of each flavor freshly roasted to order!

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