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What Brought Me To Direct Sales

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I get asked this question a lot- what made you get started in direct sales?

Most people are expecting this huge "I was so in love with this product and it changed my life and I knew I had to sign up and just share it with EVERYONE!!"

The truth is so much lamer! I was raised in the world of direct sales. My nana did Mary-Kay and my mom did Partylite when I was very young. We often went to craft fairs to shop and I was raised seeing no difference between direct sales models and handmade or boutique owners- everyone was working to make extra money.

When I was 17, my family faced a small fire as we were using a candle warmer- one of the ones you put underneath an actual candle. Something happened, there was a fire, at that point my mom decided we needed a wax option that was safe to have with my younger brothers and our enormous brood of pets. That's how we found Scentsy.

We LOVED it! My mom was buying a ton to keep the house smelling good over the smell of teenage boy and dog. After I had graduated high school, we found a local consultant and we started talking with her. My mom said I should sign up to have a little extra money in college.

That was it. Two weeks after I turned 18 and I had the money I signed up for Scentsy. I literally only sold to my mom and my grandma. That's how I started though- with my mom telling me to do it. I didn't do it super long at that time. The gal who signed me up quit, I couldn't find who my next leader was. It just fell off.

Fast-forward to when Lucie was born. I wanted a little extra money. I started doing it again by calling them and getting my account reinstated. I networked and met new people to show me how to do everything. That person ended up introducing someone to me who changed my life with another business.

Don't get me wrong- just because I left the business doesn't mean I stopped loving it! Scentsy still fills our house. I have two warmers in the boutique, a warmer and a diffuser in my room, and multiple more warmers in storage. We have so many Scentsy bars we really shouldn't be allowed to order. I LOVE Scentsy and it's a brand I host a party for at least twice a year to get more things!

Back on track- direct sales will always have a place with me because you can do them whenever. You can work around caring for your kids or around when you are working and going to school- which is how it was when I started at 18.

That's it though. That's how I got started in direct sales. IS your story just as lame as mine or is it a bit more exciting? Leave a comment here on my site telling me your story!

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