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What Positive Vibes Only Really Means

There have been a lot of blogs and articles coming out against the 'Positive Vibes' only statements and mindsets. The idea of these blogs is that positive vibes only are toxic and don't allow space for other emotions, just pushing yourself into a space of 'only happy and good things allowed'.

While I completely understand there are some people who actually do this, I am against the idea that 'positive vibes only' are toxic. I am very much a pro-positive vibes only person and let me explain why.

I'm all about feeling all of your emotions. I jokingly have named certain emotional aspects of my personality for when they are really strong. If you don't embrace the bad feelings, it doesn't allow you to truly feel the good feelings. When I say positive vibes only, I am specifically referring to the individuals I let into my life and get close.

I'm looking for people who are focused on living a happy and healthy life. I have allowed too many individuals who are so wrapped up in how shitty their lives are and how the world is going and the drama around them to even be able to recognize a good thing right in front of them. People who live like this are not only tiresome, but so draining to your emotional and mental health. If you can't take a moment to have gratitude or look for a silver lining, are you really living the best life for yourself? Do you personally enjoy being around people who are 'always the victim' and 'woe is me'? Why would YOU want to be that person then?

This is in no way talking about my friends who are generally happy people and then have a bad day. We are ALL entitled to bad days and feeling those emotions. You are even entitled to live your life the way I described above, but all you are going to give off is a shitty vibe and toxic energy 24/7 and actually keep good things in your life from happening because you will never actually SEE them happening.

I don't say this from a place where I have only lived the positive vibes life. I have very much had portions in my life where I was the friend who couldn't see anything other than 'wow my life is a shit show and I am going to let everyone know it'. It was only when I really looked at my friends who were acting the same way who were taking an emotional toll on the little bit I had left to give that allowed me to look at my actions and emotions to realize I needed to stop.

That's when I started journaling and writing gratitude lists. It allowed me to get the crappy vibes out of my head and on to paper and really be thankful for the good everyday. And the days that I still couldn't move past my emotions were the days I recognized that I needed to fully feel my emotions.

So while you may believe that positive vibes only is a 'toxic' mindset, the true toxic mindset is not working to live your best, most happy life when you CAN in the moments you can.

I would love to hear your ideas surrounding positive vibes only and where you have this ideology in your life.

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