What's Up With That Girl's Trip?

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I have had so many people ask me why I am doing the girl's trip, like what motivated me to start it.

I have an open door policy in my boutique group. You need someone to talk to? I'm your gal. You want to post up? No problem, share away. I don't want my group locked down to approved posts or anything like that.

So I had a mom message me asking if I meant it. I sure as hell did! So we dive in to what is stressing her out and issues and it comes up she hasn't been away from her kids for more than a few hours. What?! That was INSANE to me, especially as she is married, she has a partner who helps! Why hadn't she taken the time for her? So I asked if she would be open to a day of just her. Her response was along the lines of potentially.

Look, I know we all get swept in motherhood or work or anything else. It took me a long time to get to a point where I knew I needed to take time for me. What if I could help other women do that?

It got my wheels turning. I had been saying for a few months I would love to have my own women's conference, but like a conference where you could cuss and we could be real and not polished. This idea was huge and I knew I needed to start small. So what about a girl's day??

I Marco'd (Marco Polo is the ISH) two of my best friends and started talking up the idea of it. They basically chose the weekend I was going to do it and then they BOOKED TICKETS to come to it. Did I not mention these best friends are not local to Seattle?! They saw that much potential in it!

I was HYPED. I started trying to pin it down and find things to do and I was honestly overwhelmed. I wanted to book an AirBnB so we would have a home base. I wanted a photographer because we should all get the chance to feel pretty and have photo's of proof. I had so much I wanted to do. Then I found the perfect little cottage. I decided on a price, activities, and so on. The amount of people I had interested was amazing and the amount of people I have waiting to sign up for my October one because they are out of town for the August one is AMAZING.

This whole thing makes my soul so happy because I love being a hostess and planning and pampering other people. The whole thing is my cup of tea and I am so happy there are currently TEN ladies who are planning on spending a whole day with me! I can't wait to start planning more days- maybe even some in different places in the USA...

If you are interested in being part of the August 2019 girl's day, here is all the info! Contact me ASAP as spaces close on the 7th of June!

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