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"Why do you have to carry such vulgar items?"

This question has been asked a few times. The name of my shop caused many issues with people. So many said I would never make it past the first 3 months and others say this is just me messing around.

I mean, if something has cusswords in it, it automatically makes it lesser. Or does it?

There have been studies that have been done that have associated that the people with higher IQ's have stronger potty mouths. Cursing makes you stronger during work outs and burn more calories.

I have always loved cussing because it has let me let emotion flow easily. I can be angry and let things go faster. It allows to work through frustration faster. Instead of seeing cussing as a bad thing, I saw people who didn't as uptight and holding things in (something that I found to be very true as I got to know them better).

But here is the most important factor in me carrying vulgar items with the word shit plastered across them and mini soap penises inside: I do it because I fucking want to.

That's it. That's why I have to. I love to cuss. I love to push the boundary on what will classify me as classy or a lady. I do it because they make me happy, and in the end, that is what this business is meant to do; it is meant to make me happy.

So I will carry the dirty mugs and the soap penises and be unapologetic-ally me. I will be the real person that many of us don't see when someone is doing well in their business. I won't be poised and put together; I will be vulgar in my language with my hair up that may have not been washed in three days, and I will be truly and utterly me.

I have one rule when it comes to my business:

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