Your Circle Matters

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Your circle is so important to your success- in business and in life. If you are surrounded by people who hate their life, constantly complaining, nothing is ever good enough, you will find yourself in similar situations. If you surround yourself with highly driven people who want to reach lofty goals and have the best life possible, you usually find yourself trying to keep up and do the same and get in that mindset.

I could speak on this topic for forever. I have seen how my personal circle affects me, how talking with certain friends lift me up while others bring me down. It is also why I am so picky about who I talk to about joining my team! I want people who are amped up and all in, not people who are never happy.

In the past year I have worked to fill my life with friends who support me and are also roll models. The higher power in my life (I believe in God, but whatever you believe in be it God, the Universe, Spaghetti Monster) definitely has had a plan in place.

I've had people who have come in to my life who believe 100% in me and have been helping me grow and be my best self. I have had an amazing friend take me under her wing and has watered my strengths and spoken kind and powerful words to me. She has introduced me to two amazing women I chat with on the daily- we constantly challenge each other and keep pushing each other forward. This role model also reminded me who I am and introduced me to a company that helps my hearts work shine through every day. In turn, she has turned me in to a role model to others who I try to nourish like she has for me.

When I was younger, my circle was FILLED with women whose main focus was tearing others down. And I sadly did the same behavior. And then I was the one who was torn down. Luckily there were a few amazing women who defended me and helped brush me off. I still talk with those two women frequently as we grew together for a very long time.

I'm thankful for the choices I have made to distance myself from those who weren't healthy for my growth and to work on aligning myself with those who help me let the sun in.

I'm especially thankful today for my circle who have made me believe I am capable and strong and beautiful and deserving for the days and weeks I don't feel it. This week I was just trying to get through and it has culminated into a day that has left me completely stunned, sobbing happy tears because there are so many people who believe in me, who are invested in me, who want to see me have my best life.

If you are one of them, thank you. I'm sobbing like a lunatic again as I write this. If you need a cheerleader or someone to water your soul with kind words, reach out. I would love to help you flourish.

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