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My Programs & Memberships

Empowerment Your Way

Group Hug

Which is For You?

Are you looking for a monthly membership or a one-time program?

I currently offer programs and services for those looking for personal empowerment as well as individuals looking to be empowered in their businesses! 

You can read more about each program or monthly plan below, are just get to adding to cart!

Paper Diary
Mobile Phone

Learn About Each

Click each program or plan to get the full details!

Self Empowerment Plans

Boss Bish Social Media Plans

Women Holding Hands

The Empowered Bish Club

Want an accountability group where you can check in with others, get monthly journal prompts and Sassfirmations, all while growing into your best bish self? This is the community for you!

You can join now for just $24.95 a month!

Digital drawing pad

Monthly Graphics

Don't want to deal with content planning?

Want to have content delivered to you on auto-delivery and not have to worry about forgetting?

Most importantly, do you want a discount every month?

Get your graphics delivered on the 20th of each month for just $19.99!

Empowered Bish Club
Monthly Graphics
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