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It's time for
7 Days of Self Love

Small Activities Add Up

Self love doesn't have to be big, luxurious activities, and often times isn't achievable in the moments we really need it. Self love can be grabbing that snack when you didn't feed yourself earlier. Others it can be using that face mask that has been in the drawer for a year, listening to your favorite song, or reaching out to a friend.

The goal of these 7 days is to show you ways to practice self love when you are deep in the overwhelm and don't know where to start.

Is each day actually achievable?

Completely! I froze in fear of not having it together to get this set up. I wanted to make sure each day was achievable to anyone dealing with overwhelm, self doubt, comparisonitis, body issues, or anything else.


What happens if I join late?

No problem! You will get Day 1, and you will continue to get a new email every morning! IF you haven't received an email by 12pm PT, and it isn't in your spam folder, reach out to me!


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