Affirmations for Every Bish.


Change Your Life With Sass

Affirmations have been shown to help with reducing stress, increasing problem solving skills, and overall increasing a positive mental health.

But let's be real.

Sometimes you just need an affirmation with some sass or a cussword.

Enter Sassfirmations.

Start changing your life with your own Sassfirmation deck below!

Sassfirmations (4).png

Sassfirmations: Original Deck

The original deck of Sassfirmations you see above! This is the best deck to get and share with others!

2 (2).png

Sassfirmations: Body Love

Love your Sassfirmations but want ones focused on body love and positivity? Get yourself this Expansion Deck of 10 cards with an extra card with a self love daily exercise!

Sassfirmations: Financial Abundance

Tired of the crappy relationship you have with your finances? Get this Financial Abundance pack and better your mindset and relationship!

4 (2).png

Sassfirmations: Parenting

This deck is meant to make you laugh and strengthen you for the days of parenting ahead! Great as a gift to yourself and your fellow bishy parents!

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