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Enough With the Excuses.

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

I've reached the point I am over my excuses. I'm done with them. I want to do all these things and be the vision of myself I have in my head but I am always so afraid. So afraid people won't like me. So afraid I won't be successful because everyone says to be successful you have to do xyz and be this certain way and and and. So afraid because if I am successful, will I have the time for my family like I know so many successful women don't have time for? What if people just think I am this mean bish who has no heart, just here to make a buck?

But again, so what? This morning, a dear friend of mine and I were Marco Poloing back and forth and we both agreed that I would never be able to be a business coach because I am too mean- in her words: "I am straightforward and that intimidates women". This is another excuse I have always used- no one wants to listen to me because I'm not gentle about how I say it. But again, so what?

Do I truly care about all the people I may never actually meet or impact? Especially when it is inhibiting me from being myself? Should I care about the people I don't align with? No, I should focus on finding others I do align with and stop being afraid to be me. That's what this whole boutique and shop was about. It was about helping other women, as well as myself, to be truly unafraid to be ourselves. To be sassy while still also being classy. To set the standard you can be a total badass in your business and still cuss and let your true self show through!

So the excuses end now. Now, I have a website I will be building on and can have a blog through- something I have wanted for so long but just didn't know where to turn. I am making connections and growing. I am working on being the vision of myself I have but have been too afraid to be.

Enough with the excuses. I am ready to truly be me, and that is one classy bish.

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