Are You Getting The Most of Your Social Media?

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

As someone who has been working online for multiple years now, I have realized I am not getting the most out of my feed. I have networked with so many people and other small business owners that I have had a ton of things filling up my feed. I know these things don't just happen to those who own an online business- it happens to EVERYONE.

This month alone I have:

Left 300+ groups

Unfollowed over 250 people on Instagram

Unliked a ton of pages which offer no beneficial content to my feed

Unfriended many people as well

Deleted almost all of my Pinterest boards to restart

Doing all these things have cleared up my feed so much that I am seeing posts I want to see, I am seeing the businesses I want to, and I am focusing on things that fill my feed with positivity.

Take some time today and get on your computer and leave a ton of groups. Start with those annoying party groups you get added to- I'm the worst as I use to do parties in groups so I had a ton to clean up.

Next up, go to your profile on Instagram and click the 'following' and unfollow people you don't recognize! And do you really need to be following that blogger who just makes you so jealous you turn green? Nope, unfollow, they really aren't adding to your life.

Do the same with your friends list and anything else you have a hankering to clean up.

Watch how you will suddenly be seeing posts from people you WANT to be following. The friend you thought had ghosted? Suddenly back in your feed! When you don't have things weighing down your feed and taking time that you could be spending on friends posts, you end up saving more time because you see what you want to see quickly instead of having to dig!

What is something you have done to help you get the most out of your social media?

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