No, I Don't Want To Host A Party For You

Updated: Feb 24, 2020


It's that time of the summer where your inbox floods with notifications from people you have met once or never even spoken to asking you "Hey! I am looking for a hostess on June 9th or 12th! It is double hostess smorgasbord month and I think you could really use this thing I don't actually think you need but please introduce me to your friends!"

Am I right or am I right?

Now, if you are new in direct sales and don't realize how rude this can be, that's ok! Learn now! Stop the dreaded cycle and never be afraid to message me for tips on building relationships- which is what you should be doing! Please don't just try to sell product to any breathing human you come across.

Now look, I am the ULTIMATE hostess! I truly am! Why? Because I realize that being a hostess is like being a consultant for the extent of the party! If you want freebies, you gotta work for that ish! I know I need to post and message people and get people interested! My friends are going to believe ME not my friend who is the consultant! (Pro hostess tip to you all right there!)

Here is the thing- I host parties for the people I have relationships with. For products I BELIEVE IN. I'm not out here hosting random parties trying to get all the free stuff. I'm trying to get all the free stuff from people I have connections with!! For instance, this month I am in a Pampered Chef battle for some awesome hostess rewards! If you have been my friend for 2+ years you know I did a stint as PC consultant for the kit and to get some free products! I LOVE PC! I use at least one PC item a day! So it makes obvious sense that I would host a party for that. (And let me subtly put the link right here for those of you looking to shop....) I'm hosting a party with the consultant because she is a genuinely sweet woman, I get such a good vibe from her, and she has supported my business! I know she takes good care of people so I am definitely going to connect my friends with her! (Join her group here if you are interested!)

Like how I subtly plugged my party? I'm cool like that.

I recently had someone message me who I had met once wanting to host a party for her business. I have no relationship with her and I have two reps I refer out to in the same business as her because I have built and established relationships with them. They also take care of me and send people my way. I am very big on you scratch my back and I will scratch yours. That may sound terrible to some people because "well what if I don't like your product?" Then I'm not your ideal client (blog post on ideal clients coming soon). But this woman got PUSHY. I told her neither date would work for me as I just had a party. "Well how about next month."

Look, I already feel bad enough having to tell you no once, don't make me into a bish and have me tell you no again, and this time it won't be so nice.

So as we amp up our Summer's, make sure you are asking people you have CONNECTIONS WITH to be your hostesses! Your payout will be better, your responses should be higher, and you will have a lot more fun working with people you talk with!

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