March Madness: Paige with SeneGence

I have loved my LipSense and SeneGence products for years- heck, I use to be a distributor for multiple years! I love these products because they last a long time, have skincare in many of the cosmetics, and there are a ton of options. The products and this company helped me to realize that while many use makeup to cover up and hide, it can be used to accentuate natural beauty as well as a way to express art through different applications and color usage!

The Beautiful Paige!

One of the things I have truly realized this week is I don't like to be sold to. If you do not have a community and you are just posting sales post after sales post, product after product, I am not going to stick around or buy anything from you. I want to feel like a member of your tribe (which I am hopefully doing for you!). That is why I truly enjoy Paige with Mom Fancy Tribe. While yes, she does share products, you are going to see more posts for interaction and things that are in your everyday life! I truly enjoy having her group in my feed!

Paige is a kind and caring momma! She creates beautiful knit pieces that have me completely envious! She won't push you to purchase anything but will inform you if you ask. I'm truly enjoying getting to know her!

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Here are the must have SeneGence items to get with Paige:

  • Fly Girl LipSense - this is my favorite red in the regular line!

  • Climate Control - so versatile! It is a base layer to your moisturizer in essence (ask Paige for more info on it scientifically) that is great for your face, for sunburn, eczema, and more!

  • Mascara - their mascara is the BEST! If you want your lashes to basically get a dose of growth serum that won't mess up your body, this is the way to go! Plus it doesn't leave your lashes looking stiff!

  • Gilded EyeSense - this is my favorite liquid liner! The golden bronze makes my brown eyes pop!

  • Nangai Oil - I personally use this for my daughters eczema and an extra dose of moisture on my face when I need it.

I do want to state that I am not making any medical claims that these items will solve, but I have used them for what I have stated and they worked for ME. My advice is not medical advice! Always consult a doctor if you plan on using products for anything than what they are marketed for!

I hope you enjoy getting to know Paige and her way of mom fancy life!

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