Top 5 Must Have Pampered Chef Items

I have love Pampered Chef for a long, long time. They are quality items that have held up longer than any of my other cookware and I know people who have had items for 10+ years that still look new.

I decided to count my personal stash- I have 51 items and sets. Sets meaning multiple items. WOWZA. I don’t sell- anymore that is. I signed up a few years back and did six months as a rep to build up my kitchen and I have continued to purchase and party with friends. Good products are good products and if the brand holds up, I’m happy to stay with them.

My friend decided to join and I am hosting her first party so I decided to go through all my items to be able to be a good hostess! While I love every single item, these are my TOP FIVE that I think all of you need if you don’t have them!

  1. Mix n Chop: this tool is so great for shredding meat, making egg salad, scrambled eggs, and more! ($15)

  2. Whipped Cream Maker: this thing is great for not only whipped cream (in any flavor!!) but also making super fluffy scrambled eggs and mixing up small amounts of batter. ($27)

  3. Rockcrok Everyday Pan: I absolutely love this pot! Use it to slow cook in the slow cooker stand you can purchase, cook on the stove and stick it in the oven to finish- I could go on. This is my one pot wonder! ($125)

  4. Bamboo Spoon Set: I LOVE wooden spoons. I truly believe they make everything taste better. Probably comes from watching my grandmas cook. I use these spoons for everything- cookie dough, eggs, stirring dinner, anything you need a cooking utensil for- I have used these for that. ($15 for three spoons)

  5. Brownie Pan: I am someone who hates the corners of brownies. Severely. I was hesitant to get this but thought it would be great for egg bites and mini meatloaves for my kids. When I eventually moved to trying to bake in it, I was pleasantly surprised! No crunchy edges but perfect middle pieces in every one. ($25)

I love all these items and I am working on earning the new 6 quart enameled Dutch oven they just released. I desperately want one for the holidays and baking bread. It is the one kitchen item I have always adored and wished to have. I think my kitchen would be a super happy place with just these five items and the dutch oven! I could cook and make ALL THE THINGS!!

Now if you have a PC rep and don't have these, do yourself a favor and get all of these ordered! If you don't have a consultant and want to help me reach my holiday gift to myself, shop my party link here!

What is your must have Pampered Chef item that you can't live without?

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