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March Madness: Reverie By MT

I'm picky about a lot of things, some things are completely just my preference, some things aren't because I have a whole lot of a choice. For instance, I have a hard time wearing any sort of wrap around head band because my head is a funny shape as well as big (thanks for only having me sleep on one side as an infant mom and dad). To give you an idea on head size- even the hats at the 'plus size' store don't fit my noggin. So when I met Melissa of Reverie by MT, I wanted to support her so I got a headband to stick on my big headed three year old. She felt so special- as you can tell.

I ended up getting my own as well- at least to post and support her and I fell in love with it. The knot in her more intricate head bands allows you to make the knot bigger or smaller which then increases the band- meaning it will fit ANY head! Even mine! I loved that the kid bands are the same and means they will loosen to fit my kiddos growing head!

I was so excited to get some of my friends hooked on these headbands as well! They all loved the amazing choices in prints, the knots, and how great Melissa is! The fact that a portion of the proceeds are donated to animal shelters makes it even better! You can even wash them in a wash bag to clean them if you want to wear them during a work out or just to you know, actually clean them!

You won't regret adding these adorable accessories to your rotation to up any outfit!

Follow her on Facebook: Reverie By MT

Follow her on Instagram: Reverie_by_mt

Shop her website: and be sure to use code REVERIEKATE for 10% off!!

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Emma Nickerson
Emma Nickerson
Mar 22, 2020

Her headbands are the best! They are the only ones I can wear all day with NO headache.

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