My Group Isn't What It Use To Be

This week I am teaching personal branding basics in Boss Bish Gang on Facebook and it got me thinking about my personal branding and the community I have created with all of your help.

In the past two years my branding has become more raw, more “crude”, and less caring about making sure everyone is included. I use to be very customer service oriented, not focused on expressing “political” opinions, and always giving off a polished image. But that isn’t who I am.

I am a messy haired, f bomb dropping mom who believes in including ALL womxn and talking about topics that may be awkward but beneficial. That means if we need to spend a day talking about where to get the best underwear, we will. That means that no matter what you were assigned at birth, if you choose to identify as female, you are WELCOME. It means if you cuss a little or are more religious or anything else, as long as you are accepting of others, you are welcome in to any of my groups.

Over the past two years I have embraced all of this more and more. I have grown into who I want to be and I continue to everyday. The whole point of Classy Bish Boutique is to be welcome to and of everyone because that is how I try to personally live. But that also means I will remove those from the group who I see being detrimental to the community or speaking out against these ideas.

In the past two weeks I have been told that someone doesn't like how much I cuss and that all I do is push sales. Only one of these things hurts me.

As I have grown into myself, I really have grown not to care about my vocabulary. I cuss. It's whatever to me. I'm sorry that some people may not be comfortable with it, but it was a get go difference and step in the direction of being me when I started the Boutique: cussing is allowed and accepted and won't be reprimanded unless using them against someone.

I'm sure some people have also been uncomfortable about my talk of 'gender' and being inclusive of any and everyone. The reason this has become a forefront change is I have multiple friends who are non-binary. Some have femme days and some have more masculine days, but no matter what they identify as they are welcome in our group. They are there for the same reason as you- the kickass community.

Now on to the thing that really upset me: the idea that I am only here to push product or sales. I don't care if you never spend a dime with me. Like, I hope I share something you will want enough that you will but it isn't a big deal if not. I more care that you meet people who make you feel empowered to be you. If you get absolutely nothing from my group, I get it if you leave. I understand unfollowing the group to avoid temptation to shop. If I have ever made you feel like I am just after you or friends with you to spend money with me, I want to apologize RIGHT NOW. That is not my intent AT ALL. As we start talking and getting to know each other more, I hope you see that as well. I hope you see that sales aren't my only focus by all the other things I do in my group- it isn't just product post after product post.

Which honestly, that is what my past groups were. I had a little bit of the everyday life stuff in the past ones, but even more now.

I'm sorry that my group isn't what it use to be back when I sold other products, but I am very happy with the community and tone we have now. I think many of you are as well.

If you have any feedback about our Classy Bish Boutique community, please drop it below. I appreciate your feedback and insight and see the changes that have happened as more positive than negative.

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