What Is The J Month Slump?

When it comes to the world of small business, there is a thing called the 'J Month Slumps'. January, June, and July are months post holidays, busy times, summer vacation, and usually times people aren't spending too much money small business wise. They are pinching pennies after holiday spending or are focusing their money on their summer vacations- and less likely to be online. This leaves a lack of spending money in other areas.

You will start to see a rise in people pushing their businesses, special joining offers, more people sponsoring posts- and if you haven't, you probably will now that I have pointed it out.

It makes sense. When our income starts to dwindle, we do everything we can to try and grasp at the little flowing in that we actually end up putting up a block. We start flooding out posts, not thinking about our content, and just doing anything we think to try and get in some one's view.

This month in Boss Bish Gang we are going to be working on ways to kick the J Month Slump and showing up in our customers feeds! If you have noticed things slowing down for you and are looking for ways to improve, I would love if you came and joined our girl gang of business owners! We will be collaborating, thinking up ideas, and sharing what is and isn't working for us.

Let's beat the J Month Slump together!

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