Snag Tights: Actually Size Inclusive and Vibrant?

The Fall is approaching and every year I wish I had tights that would fit, end up buying a pair at Target or somewhere else for twenty bucks to only have them rip after a few hours of squeezing the life out of my lower half. I then spend the rest of the season jealous of everyone else in adorable tights with their outfits.

Just Some of the Snag Tight Color Options

My mother and I have been looking at Snag tights for a few weeks now. Their site showed beautiful colors with size inclusive meant for all- regardless of age, gender, or size. From size 2 to

32 is what they show. It seemed too good to be true. Especially considering the tights were on average $12 a pair without surpassing $15. Could they really be that great?

A sane person would order one or two to try right? We ordered over 10 pairs, including two pairs of their chub rub shorts, some of the opaque, semi opaque, and some of their fishnets. The only categories we didn't order were the footless tights and the sheer.

When it came to shipping, we could do the base shipping with no tracking- something we weren't willing to risk with all the USPS current drama. With tracking was just over $12 or we could pay $4 more and get two day shipping. We ordered this past weekend and had them before noon on Tuesday.

Each pair of tights was in a cute designed paper bag with a sticker to close it stating the color and size and such. I was quick to throw on the Mustard opaque we had ordered as if it hasn't been made clear yet, yellow is my favorite color for clothes currently.

Wow. Not only are these tights soft af, they are SUPER VIBRANT. They fit with plenty of room and stretch. I'm not concerned that if I move a certain way they will rip or a seam will pop.

Now, this pair is opaque. I want to apologize for the awkward foot picture, but I have two feet

tattoos that have a good amount of black shading. The one on my right foot actually covers the whole top of my foot. YOU CAN'T SEE IT! That alone made me think these are pretty legit!

To say I am obsessed and excited to keep pairing these beautiful tights is an understatement! I can't wait to see how these tights help me accessorize my Savvi and take my outfits to the next style level!

If you want a full review showing even more colors, check out this video on my Youtube! And be sure to go get your own amazing tights at!

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